Consciously deciding not to care

Alright! Finally happy with my jekyll setup. Switched around a bunch, tried Hugo and Ablog (as well as GitLab pages) – turns out Jekyll has a lot of annoying bits but is the least annoying of them all.

Acknowledging Reality

There are a variety of generally acknowledged “success habits” – waking up early, some amount of regular physical activity, meditation, journaling, morning/evening routines, etc. Success gurus routinely proclaim these and many other things to be the key to results on their podcasts, their books, when giving keynotes, etc. They’re often correct, but there’s a few issues that are worth noting:

TensorFlow Lite on a Raspberry Pi

I recently tried to figure out how to get TensorFlow Lite inference running on a Raspberry Pi, and it took me a surprisingly amount of research and dead ends (and PRs to the Tensorflow codebase / docs to fix issues) before I figured out how to get it working. The final product is actually incredibly simple when you know what to do, but it took me long enough to figure it out that I thought I’d share.

Dotfile management in a 15 line Makefile

This article is targeted (as are most things I write) at a ~year younger me. I’ve been searching for a dotfile management system that really clicked with me for some time – I’ve fussed with a variety of shell scripts and experimented around, spending no small amount of time on